About Us


Is a company founded by people that stamped on the sector of Electrostatic Powdered Paint Machines with their 25 year experiences. The main production scope is electrostatic powder paint facilities, wet paint facilities, their equipments and machines it server at its new plant having 250 m2 total area and new vision to have a say in Turkey and world. It presents costumer focused solitions by problem free work with its quality production, wide service netwok, experienced staff standing behind their products. Our firm competes with similar firms in Europe rather than its rivals in Turkey.


Our Activity Scope Powder Paint Facilities

  1. Powder paint machines wet paint facilities
  2. Surface cleaning lines
  3. Suspended Conveyors
  4. Powder Paint Ovens
  5. Powder Paint Cabins
  6. Special Designed Siglon System
  7. Flock Machines Fixing Kilns
  8. Painting System Specials
  9. Wide Service and Spare Part Network


What is the target

Cem Makina is your number one partner in the industry, increasing our awareness of the day-to-day responsibility of providing our customers with better service in the future by developing with experience. And again as a solution partner, we work with all our efforts to serve you better. Technological automation systems to work better by decorating.


How are we doing

Can Makina is able to provide all the equipments and plant services required by a manufacturer in the industrial paint sector without sacrificing quality and is also working to make the best of the sector.

Our Plant
Our firm serves for our costumers with its 200 m2 covered area 100 m2 open area and detached premises, has all machineries and equiğments needed to products facility and makes serial production and technical manufacturing with its many workers.

Our Technology
With its personel having experience in standart and private manufacturings , we conclude desired projects and designs successfully from beginning to applications. We invite you to work together for perfect and quality service in powder paint and wet paint facility and equipments.